Joint Replacement

There are several conditions that can cause joint pain and disability and lead patients to consider joint replacement surgery. In many cases, joint pain is caused by damage to the cartilage that lines the ends of the bones – either from arthritis, a fracture, or another condition. Dr. Hrnack may recommend a total joint replacement, if nonsurgical treatments like medications, physical therapy, and other treatment plans have been exhausted or eliminated.

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with a metal, plastic or ceramic prosthesis device designed to replicate the movement of a healthy joint. On average, a total joint replacement surgery takes a few hours. The procedure is performed in a hospital and usually requires a hospital stay for recovery. Full recovery and rehabilitation differs for each patient. Most patients are encouraged to use the new joint shortly after the operation. Rehabilitation will continue with physical therapists that are in direct communication with Dr. Hrnack.

After competition of rehabilitation, most patients can expect their joint replacement to last for many years, providing them with an improved quality of life that includes less pain, along with improved motion and strength that would not have been possible otherwise.